The French Vacuum society (SFV) is a learned society governed by the French law of 1901 relating to non-profit-making bodies declared to be of public interest. Its main function is to create, encourage and promote close relationships and active synergies between the academic, scientific and industrial fields working in vacuum techniques and their applications. To fulfil its mission the SFV avails itself of a network of skills in the various specialities in which it is involved. For example, some forty specialists support the Association's education activities. Today the SFV comprises several thousand French and foreign specialists, a genuine network of know-how which is unrivalled in fields such as industrial vacuums, extreme vacuums, instrumentation, tightness control, adhesion, residual gas analysis, surface processes and treatment, plasmas, ion implantation, surface analysis, electron microscopy, micro- and nano-technologies, the environment, etc.
Key dates
  • 1945: Founding of the SFITV (French Society for Vacuum engineers and Technicians). The idea for the creation of the association had been put forward in 1939 by F. Holweck, but it was postponed by the Second World War.  The purpose of the SFITV was to bring together physical and legal persons interested in vacuum science, techniques and applications, with the aim of achieving progress through common action.  From the beginning the SFITV organised plenary meetings to host technological and educational conferences, and published the first edition of the Journal du Vide at the end of its first year.
  • 1957: The SFITV was declared to be of public interest.
  • 1961: Founding of the IUVSTA (International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique, and Applications).
  • 1965: The STIV celebrated its 20th anniversary under the presidency of Mr. Serge Choumoff in the presence of Messrs Maurice Ponte of the French Academy of Science, Jean Debiesse, Director of CEN Saclay, Pierre Aigrain, Director of Higher Education and Yvon Bourges, Secretary of State for Scientific Research.
  • 1974: The SFITV was officially re-named the SFV, French Vacuum Society.
  • 1985: 40th anniversary of the SFV under the presidency of Jean Paul Langeron in the presence of Hubert Curien, Minister for Research and Technology.
  • 1995: 50th anniversary of the SFV under the presidency of François Simondet and Hugues Murray, in the presence of Hubert Curien and T.E. Madey, president of the IUVSTA.
  • 2005: 60th anniversary of the SFV under the presidency of Bernard Agius in the presence of Edouard Brézin, President of the French Academy of Science
Congresses and conférences
To follow the plenary meetings the SFITV and the SFV organised congresses on specific themes with contributions from participants: 1st congress on oxide-coated cathodes in 1954, International Congress on Microwave Tubes in 1956, and from 1957, the organisation of Vacuum Workshops on an annual basis.  In Paris in 1961 the first grand congress of the SFITV, the International Congress on Vacuum Techniques and Applications (CITAV) drew 900 people, including 400 overseas visitors. The SFV organised two "European Vacuum Congresses", in Lyons in 1999 and in Paris in 2005, and the "International Vacuum Congress in Cannes in 1980, all three on behalf of the IUVSTA. With the support of the IUVSTA and in cooperation with the DVG (German Vacuum Society), the SFV organised "Trends and Applications of Thin Films" in Colmar in 1996 and in Nancy in 2000. Moreover the SFV has created its own congresses that were initially aimed at French-speaking visitors but some of which have gradually taken on an international flavour.  For example, in 1973 the first CIP was created, dedicated to cathode sputtering, which expanded to cover all plasma processes and is still held every two years with an increasingly international audience.  Since 2002 the SFV has been participating in the organisation of Materials congresses with other learned societies. The IEACM congress (Innovations in the development and application of thin films) has been held in Nancy every two years since 2003 and was internationalized into the Innovations in Thin Films Production and Characterisation congress (ITFPC) in 2007. In 2010 the Magnetron, Ion processing & Arc Technologies European Conference (MIATEC) was held for the first time, following the Magnetron workshops. In addition to conferences, the SFV organises Workshops or seminars on different subjects: Electronic spectroscopy, ion beam analysis, adhesion workshops, etc.
Shows and exhibitions
In order to encourage company-university synergies, the SFV organises exhibitions of scientific equipment alongside its congresses. The Vacuum Exhibition was created in 1998 at the instigation of Michel Tiget, initially on a biennial basis, then annually from 2002. Alternating between Grenoble and Paris, it extended over all French regions from 2007 and in 2009 became the SVTM (Vacuum technology and material treatment exhibition) in partnership with the Thermal and Surface Treatment Association.
Professional training
Faced with the growing use of vacuums in both the industrial and university sectors, it seemed essential to train technicians and engineers in this discipline through ongoing professional training.  This was initiated in 1968. The following year, a laboratory for practical work in vacuum techniques was established at Cachan IUT (Technological University), which was moved in 1971 to become the Hall du Vide (Vacuum Hall) at Orsay IUT.  At the same time the SFV has worked in concert with other bodies or laboratories, such as the Gas and Plasma Physics laboratory at the Orsay nuclear Physics Institute, the Jean Lamour Institute in Nancy, the Materials Institute in Nantes, the Nuclear Physics Centre in Bordeaux Gradignan, the Higher National School of Chemistry in Paris, and the Blois IUT.
Public relations
The first edition of the Gazette du Vide, a journal of communication and information, appeared in June 2002. Its editorial committee was headed up initially by Michel Tiget, followed by Henri Michel.
With the development of the Internet the information concerning the activities of the SFV is increasingly consulted via its Internet site ( created in 1999, with a second version in 2004 which was modernised in 2010.

Membres Honoraires
Pierre PILEUR Ingénieur (ER)
Jacques SCHULTZ Professeur (ER)
Michel TIGET Directeur Général (ER)

1945 Mr. UHL
1958-1959 R. WARNECKE
1959-1960 R. BAHUAUD
1960-1961 Melle M. BERTHAUD
1961-1962 D. DEGRAS
1962-1963 R. MUSSON-GENON
1963-1964 L. REY
1964-1965 S. CHOUMOFF
1965-1966 R. JEAN
1966-1967 F. TOUTAIN
1967-1968 L. MAURICE
1968-1969 J.D. LE FRANC
1969-1971 C. DUFOUR
1971-1973 R. GERBIER
1973-1975 R. DORÉ
1975-1977 D.A. DEGRAS
1977-1979 P. MIRAT
1979-1981 J. BONNEROT
1981-1983 J.P. LANGERON
1983-1984 M. COSTA
1984-1985 J.P. LANGERON
1986-1988 J.P. CANDALA
1988-1990 M. VERNA
1990-1991 G. GAUTHERIN
1991-1993 P. PILEUR
1993-1995 F. SIMONDET
1995-1997 H. MURRAY
1997-1999 M. CROSET
2001-2006 B. AGIUS
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