• Stage de Master Recherche en Physique Numérique/spectroscopies d’électrons. Contact :



  • Chemical reactions in presence of a sub-nanometric surface water layer or confined water followed by NAP-XPS, Paris, CNRS-LCPMR
  • Microscopie de surface corrélative pour des applications de bio-technologies, CEA-LETI, Plate-forme de Nanocaractérisation, Grenoble.


  • Post-doctoral 
    Physico-chemical analyses of SrVO3 ultra-thin layers and interfaces at the metal / insulator transition for new break electronics.
  • Post-doctoral 
    Development of ToF-SIMS analysis for rubber applications.
  • Post-doctoral internship offer
    Exfoliation and Cleaning of transferred CVD graphene by plasmas – multi-scale surface nanocharacterization by advanced photoemission techniques
  • Postdoctoral position at the LMGP Laboratory in Grenoble
    LaMnO3 thin films as Resistive Switching (RS) Memories: Understanding, control and optimization of the RS properties


  • Pas d'offres pour le moment.